Mungkin dunia blogger tidak lagi semeriah dulu. Tapi aku tetap setia menulis disini. Dari 2009 hingga kini.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.

I am so sorry that 2013 passed without much blog entry from me. I was so busy. Anyway, "I'm back!" So here I am sitting here in front of my lappy in a small room located at Manipal India. Yes it's India. I have been here for approximately for 5 months. My dream to study overseas has come true. Alhamdulillah. Anyway, I know bloggers didnt like much on reading, and they are more likely to scroll over the pictures. So enjoy. Oh ya, sblum tu, jum selawat terhadap nabi junjungan kita Muhammad S.A.W. Salam malidur rasul bloggers!

After approximately 3 hours flight Malaysia(KLIA) - India( Bangalore). Followed by Bangalore - Mangalore which took about 1 hour. and not forgotten, 2 hours by bus till finally arrived at Manipal University.

So here is the picture of my cute tiny little single room at Manipal New International Hostel. Guess what? I need to pay 800 USD per 4months as fee payment for this hostel. What an absurd. Nasib baik ade biasiswa Mara. Thanks government. haha. Anyway this hostel is well equipped with AC, shower and wifi.

2 weeks later. I come with a limited edition Yamaha Fazer. Cost me around to 55000rupee. Oh yea, 10k rupee = RM 500. You do the math! Haha.

As a future doctor. kene la biasa main ngan mayat kan. The first few weeks, it was kinda uncomfortable, since i'm not such a ghoul. Anyway as time passed, today I can even sleep with this cadaver. Ouch. (cadaver : mayat)

oh, this picture was taken at Kudremukh mount India. I cant say much bout this. Subhanallah. alangkah indahnya melihat ciptaan tuhan dan kehijauan alam. It was tiring, exhausted but exhilarated.

My friends and I went for a picnic at Maple beach. It was actually my first time riding a jet ski over there. and dapat tengok ikan dolphin jump just beside the boat. That moment I was like crying. Cantiknya ciptaan tuhan. Best, bese tngok kat channel 552 astro je. haha. I also went to Taj Mahal, One of the seven wonder of the world.

Last but not least. haha. I spent 25k in rupee for braces. Murah kan compare to Malaysia. So why not kan. Thats all from me for this time, I will try to be active again in blogging insyaAllah. Assalamualaikum!