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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.

I am so sorry that 2013 passed without much blog entry from me. I was so busy. Anyway, "I'm back!" So here I am sitting here in front of my lappy in a small room located at Manipal India. Yes it's India. I have been here for approximately for 5 months. My dream to study overseas has come true. Alhamdulillah. Anyway, I know bloggers didnt like much on reading, and they are more likely to scroll over the pictures. So enjoy. Oh ya, sblum tu, jum selawat terhadap nabi junjungan kita Muhammad S.A.W. Salam malidur rasul bloggers!

After approximately 3 hours flight Malaysia(KLIA) - India( Bangalore). Followed by Bangalore - Mangalore which took about 1 hour. and not forgotten, 2 hours by bus till finally arrived at Manipal University.

So here is the picture of my cute tiny little single room at Manipal New International Hostel. Guess what? I need to pay 800 USD per 4months as fee payment for this hostel. What an absurd. Nasib baik ade biasiswa Mara. Thanks government. haha. Anyway this hostel is well equipped with AC, shower and wifi.

2 weeks later. I come with a limited edition Yamaha Fazer. Cost me around to 55000rupee. Oh yea, 10k rupee = RM 500. You do the math! Haha.

As a future doctor. kene la biasa main ngan mayat kan. The first few weeks, it was kinda uncomfortable, since i'm not such a ghoul. Anyway as time passed, today I can even sleep with this cadaver. Ouch. (cadaver : mayat)

oh, this picture was taken at Kudremukh mount India. I cant say much bout this. Subhanallah. alangkah indahnya melihat ciptaan tuhan dan kehijauan alam. It was tiring, exhausted but exhilarated.

My friends and I went for a picnic at Maple beach. It was actually my first time riding a jet ski over there. and dapat tengok ikan dolphin jump just beside the boat. That moment I was like crying. Cantiknya ciptaan tuhan. Best, bese tngok kat channel 552 astro je. haha. I also went to Taj Mahal, One of the seven wonder of the world.

Last but not least. haha. I spent 25k in rupee for braces. Murah kan compare to Malaysia. So why not kan. Thats all from me for this time, I will try to be active again in blogging insyaAllah. Assalamualaikum!

IB - Theory of knowledge

I just wanna share what my group and I have prepared for TOK presentation on 2012. Its not so good, but we made it just by only a trial. So, I hope it can give some help or maybe hint. Any question, u can email me at, or find me at any link which can be found on the right side of this blog.

Our KI is based on a movie entitled In Time

Theory of knowledge

KI: How does scientific revolution convey the value of human?

Juon (Introduction) : Today we will discuss our knowledge issue which is how does scientific revolution convey the value of human? This KI has been derived from a real life situation which is the invention of genetic engineering which makes human life easier and healthier. Actually, it was trigger from the movie entitle In Time where it is a scene in the movie which stated that the world is no longer the same as before due to the development in genetic engineering. This movie makes us think of various knowledge claims and try to relate it with nowadays situation. The real life situation must be a “real one” so we relate it to the real world, our world. In our world we are well informed with advancement and invention of genetic engineering. Following the history of scientific genetic engineering itself, we are introduce with Dolly, which is the first clone sheep, and then a few years later, in vitro fertilization is developed Robert Edward which is also awarded Nobel prices. So, our real life situation here is cleared, which is the invention and development of genetic engineering. This real life situation which finally make come out with our knowledge issue which we are about to discuss today which is how does scientific revolution convey the value of human?

Yana (Definition) : To make things clear, here I would like to give some brief definitions for some words in our knowledge issues and thus make it clearer and easier to be understand. Scientific revolution-advance in technology

Convey-to portrays

The value of human-the positive value of human

So I restate and rephrase our KI back which is, in what way the advance in technology shows the positive value of human? Before we go further discussing our KI, I would like to brief further on the meaning of the words in our KI. Scientific revolution is a part in natural science which the nature of science subject itself to be obsolete. It keeps changing from day to day according to the condition or the environment. According to the physicist, Thomas Kuhn, scientific revolution is like any other revolution in which one system is replaced, dramatically by another system. The invention of scientific revolution is actually to overcome the flaws in the recent technology. The inventor tried to create something in order to give benefits to the society. Example of scientific revolution is in the evolve of telecommunication. Few years back, we use telephone just for texting and calling, but now with the advancement and the invention of smart phone, everyone can make a video call. Same goes to the medical field, which from traditional surgery to a laser surgery which far more advance and cost less complications. It is undeniable that scientific revolutions have its own purpose and from it, the value of human is conveyed. The scientific revolution does convey the positive value of human but to certain extent. So today, we would like to discuss the way scientific revolution portraying the value of human which we specify just now to the moral value of human.

Juon (First claim) : So, I will like to agree with Yana that the scientific revolution does convey the positive value of human but to certain extent. So how does it convey? So my I will come out with my first claim which is the first way that scientific revolution conveys the value of human is through emotion of the human itself before the scientific research are being done. Emotion of the human here is defined as the emotion of empathy. The empathy of human towards others. Why? Because the human feel empathy to see others suffer from diseases and what-not which these suffer people are unable to cure or cannot be cure perfectly due to imperfection of the recent technology. This emotion of human which is empathy finally lead to invention of new technology in other words it lead to scientific revolution in order to help the suffers. By this invention the flaws in technology is covered and it going towards perfection. We take an example of Wilhelm Conrad, the inventor of radiation therapy. Being expert in physics, he had invented this radiation therapy in order to save patient who are suffer from cancer. From his personal experienced facing a cancer patient lead him to invent something using his knowledge in order to help these patients. He tried to figure out the solution which can give a better life to the majority of the society. He invented the radiation therapy which using radiation to kill cancer instead of using drug which may lead to dangerous effect to human in the past. From the statistic he managed to reduce the amount of dead of cancer patient by 30% in 1896. From this example itself we can see that how emotion leads someone to have empathy followed by curiosity and finally the invention of or act to do something for the community. The feeling of curiosity born after empathy is due to the curiosity of a person on why these recent scientists and technology cannot help people effectively. What are the flaws and imperfection of that recent technology? Thus lead them to invention thus helping orders. Thus, my first claim which is scientific revolution conveys the value of human is through emotion of the human itself before the scientific research are being done.

Dila (counter claim): I agree with Juon saying that scientific revolution conveys the value of human is through emotion of the human itself before the scientific research are being done. However, I would like to say that we cannot say that empathy really convey the moral value of human. This is because, sometimes the emotion of empathy by human itself may goes against the principle of humanity. The principle of humanity here is for human to be good and have the feel of sympathy and empathy towards human and others living organism. Why I am saying so? This is proven by the consequence and the cost that it takes during the process of scientific revolution itself. Human such as scientist, researcher do experiments on animal or other living things in order to find the best result in their investigation that they claims to give benefits to majority of the people. For example, the vivisection, this is a process of using animals for experiment. We take an example of the cancer treatment. The scientists use mice as a tester in their investigation. The mice were injected by the experimental chemicals or being exposed to radiation which cause harm. Almost all of the tested mice are suffering and die due to the experiment. In the United Kingdom, almost 3milions experiment are carried out on animal each year. This is absolutely an ethical issue. These cruel and immoral which portrays the value of heartless, selfish and violence in human is absolutely against the value of human. The scientists here are wrong in which they are only focus on human but they forget that animals also have much right to live as human. So, I would like to say that yet the scientific revolution conveys the value of human through emotion of the human itself before the scientific research are being done but not during the process of scientific revolution itself due to inhumanity been portrays during the process.

Juon (Counter- counter claim) : Yes Dila, you are right saying about the consequence during the scientific revolution which is inhuman as we human, kill animals throughout the process is absolutely against the humanity principle which is for human to be good and have the feel of sympathy and empathy towards human and others living organism. However, it still emotion influence oneself in doing scientific research. The empathy which born from emotion does exist before, during and after the process of scientific revolutions and this is where human have to make a right decision. Yes, we cannot deny that ethical issues have risen but we have set the policy and rules to do this. The Organization for Economic Co-operation,(OECD) and Development which its memberships are almost all country in the world including us Malaysia agree with 3R’s principle which are replacement, reduction and replacement. In facts, the scientific method also in need of these kind of experiment in order to gain objectivity. The scientific method is a process of inductivism whereby observations are made of the world around us, a hypothesis is formed based on these observations, an experiment is created to test the hypothesis, based on the results of the experiment conclusions are drawn from which laws are formed, theories can then be established by relating the specific laws to wider contexts. The importance of the experiment is paramount in the scientific method in that a good experiment must, firstly, have a level of controllability to limit what can adversely influence the accuracy of the results. Secondly, there has to be a quantifiable measure (measurability) to the experiment so that there is a level of accuracy and objectivity to the results. Finally, the experiment must have repeatability in that the experiment could be repeated over and over again to confirm the results of the initial experiment. Thus, with the need of scientific method as well as the 3R’s principle which allows human to perform experiment on animals. The scientists are allows to perform experiment on animals in some condition that they must preserve the animal, minimum the amount of usage without compromising the objectives of the project, as well improvements to procedures and husbandry which minimise actual or potential pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm and improve animal welfare

Yana (Claim 2): I agree with Juon saying that the value of human are still been portrays through emotion either it is before, during and even after the scientific revolution, and the use of animals are right as long we use the 3R’s principle develop by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD which is agreed by most of nations all around the world. So here I come out with the second claim which is scientific revolution convey the value of human through reasoning. This is where reasoning comes in. Reasons come based on logic. Reasons are needed as the truth is difficult to be established. Some decision in scientific revolution is really subjective which involve emotion in it, so reasoning is needed. Reasoning is defined as the process of using known facts to arrive at new facts. In this way reason can help us arrive at new facts or new knowledge but only as long as the original facts we put into the process are correct and the process itself is reliable. When we are saying about reasoning, we can also relate it to epistemology. Epistemology is the branch of philosophy defined as “the study of human knowledge.” Like TOK, epistemology involves questioning our sources and the nature and accuracy of our knowledge in the hope that we will develop a more informed understanding of what we know and don't know. That is, enabling us to become more epistemically aware. Basically, in epistemology we are facing two serious epistemological problems. The first one is How can we determine which facts are true? And also, how can we determine which facts are important? We need to answer those two questions in order to gain a strong argument. By answering those question, the value of human is portrays through the determination of human to come out with strong argument. Reasons come when the logic and strong argument exist. Scientist found out that scientific revolution would give benefits to majority of society. For an example, the invention of nuclear power plant. Nuclear power plant generate greater amount of energy with less cost. Moreover, the use of the nuclear energy keeps the air clean and preserves the earth climate which contributes a sustainable development in the world. Sustainable development is the development that good for the present as well as for the future generation. Although, the process to build power plant is highly cost, the scientist, researcher have done a lot of research in this area in order to give benefits to human. This portrays the value of determination in human itself. The determination is because of the strong argument to benefits the society throughout the scientific revolution. With the logic and the strong reason, decision is made. Scientists believe that this scientific revolution have beneficial to mankind. This evoked the determination in oneself in justifying scientific revolution.

Dila (counter claim): Yana was right thou, but I believe that not all people can accept the reason. The perception involved may lead the reason to be not strong enough to be trusted. The moral value of human which is determination is somehow shows that people are too selfish. Because they have reasons and they always believe in it, but they ignore other opinions. Thomas Kuhn (1922-96) speaks of paradigm shifts in scientific thought over time. Science is by no means smooth progress and undergoes a series of revolutions when scientists discover shortcomings in the current paradigm and, therefore, put forward new ways of looking at things and with it new theories. Kuhn refers to periods of normal science, when people are generally happy with the paradigm and work with it. Popper would, perhaps, be infuriated by these periods of normal science. In a paradigm shift not everyone is converted to the new way of thinking. A paradigm shift will only occur should a critical mass of people be will to question the existing paradigm and for revolution to subsequently occur. Arguments will still continue as some people still cling to the old paradigm. It often needs the old, some say 'conservative', people to die for the opposition to the new paradigm to dwindle. As paradigm shifts are very much a choice between competing theories, how do we may the choice as to which theory we go along with? While we would like to think that prime motivation of scientists is in discovering the truth, there are other motives for scientists in determining the scientific agenda. Arguments over motive in science are of termed priority disputes. The motives are somewhat questionable such as gaining a reputation, jealousy, ambition, social status and public recognition. Scientists are also influenced by the funding that is available for research and, as a result, are lured to those fields. Also for political reasons scientists may be discouraged from working in certain fields as opposed to others that receive less of a critical eye. There is also the pressure for scientific reasoning to conform with the values of both the scientific community and society at large. All these factors, perhaps, place rational thought in science in a different light? For example, the Tokyo incident in 11 March 2011, which destroyed the power plant and made the area contaminated with radiation. Many of them especially people live nearby are suffering from this incident. The perception of scientist that Yana said earlier are all gone, due to this incident. Where is the clean air? Where is the sustainable area? The community scare and not agree with the power plant built at their community area but the scientist and government of Tokyo still continue their power plan base on the reason they hold on, not the reason of the community. So now, we can see that there are no values of human here. Reason does shows that people are too determine and passionate but somehow it also show people are too selfish by standing with their reason ignoring others.

Yana (Counter-counter-claim) : I agree with you Dila, seems that reasons is somehow involve biasness in it and reason does shows that people are too determine and passionate and somehow it also show people are too selfish by standing with their reason ignoring others. I believe with the involvement of the authority. The reasoning will not come with biasness. Authority can be defined as the power and right of a person to use and allocate the resources efficiently, to take decisions and to give orders so as to achieve the organizational objectives. Authority must be well- defined. All people who have the authority should know what is the scope of their authority is and they shouldn’t misutilize it. Authority is the right to give commands, orders and get the things done. The top level management has greatest authority. Authority always flows from top to bottom. It explains how a superior gets work done from his subordinate by clearly explaining what is expected of him and how he should go about it. Authority should be accompanied with an equal amount of responsibility. Delegating the authority to someone else doesn’t imply escaping from accountability. Accountability still rest with the person having the utmost authority. Other people are continual sources of information. Such information, however, is always second-hand knowledge - or third-, fourth-, or nth-hand knowledge. It is all "hearsay." The farther it is removed from our own personal experience, the more caution we must exercise before accepting a fact-claim. All of our historical knowledge is acquired in this way as is most of our knowledge of the sciences. We can't experience the past or personally repeat every experiment, so we must trust the specialists and accept, though not blindly, the discov­eries they record for us. They key thing with knowledge from authority is that it can be double-checked and the work of scientists and historians is continually being ‘double checked’ as other workers in the same field (even sometimes us in our classrooms) repeat their experiments or investigations. A healthy cynicism of sources, the development of the skills required to check facts and an awareness of which sources are more or less reliable is a good way to ensure that the knowledge we receive from authority is as good as it can be. An example for authority is the incident of 9/11 which killed most of the people. The government of united state blames the Islamic community for that attack whereas Islamic community said it is a corruption or inside work of the united states government itself. These situations prolong until the arrival of non-government association which study about this incident, like The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has come out with their claim saying that, the incident are cause by the US inside conspiracy itself, and totally not related with middle east and al-Qaeda. See, the involvement of authority sort of can solve the problem and the truth and the better way is appear without biasness.

Dila (conclusion) : So, now we have arrived to conclusion of our discussion. Our KI, which is “how does scientific revolution convey the value of human?” I would like to say that, this KI answered throughout the discussion. The conclusion will be, yes, the scientific revolution conveys the value of human throughout the scientific revolution by the emotion and the strong reasoning in the human himself before, during and after the revolution occurs to some extent. The extent here is due to ethical issue comes by during the process of scientific revolution which we human do not portrays the humanitarian principle, but as long we follows the 3R’s principle which is agree by all the nation all around the world, it is ok to do experiment on animal as long the replace, reduce and refine is applied. The extent is also because the biasness in making perception in order to come out with a strong argument to be believe by all. Someone may be affected with their personal experienced, political views and even their religion. The authority plays it roles in deciding which reason or argument is reliable and valid as the authority do not have biasness and are far more convincing. I guess that is all for our presentation today. Thank you.

That's all. I hope it will be helpful :)

IELTS guide

It has been 2 years more or less, the day that I was sitting for IELTS. Anyway, I made it and got 6.5 each component. So here I put along some notes which i prepared myself. I hope it helps. If u have any questions, just email me at, or find me at any link on the right side of this blog. Thank you :)

Speaking preparation.

by najminawawi

-dont speak so fast

-let it be slow but smooth and gramatically correct

-speak louder so it can be heard clearly..(its recorded)

1)encounter wild animal?

-wild animal(those roving around without orner)-as the name describe-it is wild-wild means fierce-and fierce means dangerous-and we face something that is dangerous-we most probably run-maybe some are to scare and stand still-if u asking me, either am i going to run or just standing there stand still whenever i encounter this wild animal.. i believe i will run! from my past experienced, actually i have not much experienced in encountering thse wild animals, as u know im leaving in sort if urban area not a rural are, so there have been not much of these wild animal..however, if im thinking back in the past during my childhood where there was a time I am staying with my grandmother and grandfather at the village- u know, it is the village- when we say village-off course there will be many animal roving around like chicken,duck,cat, swan and- that time im still a kid, where i love to play around and i have this one rubber band- a strong and a good one-the duck with its duckling rove around and i shooted.. and eventually hit one of the duckling.and i guess its dead..the big angry mama of the duck-suddenly came after me- i forgot what happend-but as far as i remembered the i was lying on the ground and the duck was on top of me..and im just crying..

2)birthday celebration?/what is the most happiest moment in ur life?

when it come to birthday-i believe that it should be the happiest moment for every single person in this world- a birthday is where everyone around u give appreciation of knowing u-in other words they are trying to say-thank you to be born in this world-for me, yes i do celebrate tbirthday-with family-friends-and as well in virtual world-celebrating with faily is great- usually when it come to a birthday of one of the family member we went out for a dinner-its not a usual dinner-but its sort of grand dinner-we went to the hotel-or some big and famous restaurant-thats how i celebrate my birthday with the family-on the other hand, the way of ceelebrating birthday is quite different-u know-im leaving in the hostel-living with all these friend, make u knoe that if tommorow is my birthday-its mean that tommorow im gonna be dead-why? because at hostel, we have this kind of celbration call prank! actually i was sleeping at that moment when suddenly they wake me up and lift mne up-brought me to toilet and the event started-throwing all those eggs,and some flour-im all dirt,,when it comes to virtual world-i mean game-where in game with have guild-and my guildies do wish and give me some item.

3)a place where u living?

-home-a place that for every person in this world which i would say that to be the most comfortable place that one will ever have- why? because we are familiar with almost everyhing-u knoe it will be weired if u dont know the wat to hospital if its ur town-so, for me-i'm living at Pekan pahang. Geographically it is at the southern of penicular Malaysia-if we are from here-kl-so we must go southern- so pekan is actually a royal town- actually malayhsia have 3 royal town and one of it-is Pekan the royal town-its a place where king live- in fact-our prime minister-drseri najib also originated from here pekan- i can say that the town is well equiped with hospital, school, shooping complex-and we actually have golf course and as well as polo-u know sultan and prime minister living there-so its quite a grand place-oh ya- pekan is having this one fact that it shares with venice-yup venice that popular tourism place-there share the fact that these is the 2 only place in the world that its land is lower than water not lying-im seriously telling

4)ur house?

-house-a place that i would say that evry single person in this world which is most comfortable with- we have our total freedom as there is no outsider-and if there is-they are just our family- are u shy with ur familly?-off couse no- so it is a place where we are most comfortably with-so my home located at pekan pahang-its not too big nor too large-its enough for us a family of six living hapilly with a room for every single brother and sister-lets take a look at the area outside the house at first-so basically there is a car park enough for 4 cars-our family only have three cars my dad,my mom and mine-so there is still a place for any visittor-we have balcony where we have our aquarium there inside living the arowana-its a gold arowana-its always calm me whenever i come and see it swim-at the back of the house we have watertank tower and also a place where we wash our clothes-the house is surrounded by the gate wall-so its quite private-inside the house we have living room where my family and I having a time watching any movies togather-we also have another living room which is actually reserved for any visitors-the kitchen where we cook-and a dining room where we eat

5)tell me about ur room

well,when it come to a room-its a place well i can say a private place where we can do anything without others bothering us- in other words its a secret place where we can have the most privacy-not forgetting it is the place where we are the most comfotable with-so, in my house there is actually 5 rooms, each for each siblings of mine and one for my parent-since i'm the oldest, i mean among the siblings- so im having the biggest room in comparisons with my other siblings-my room located near to the living room-the second living room-so what are there in my room- like a usual room, i have a bed, big enough for me to roll 5-6 times-i dont have any big teddy like my sister did but i do have a lot of books-novels that i read-at one corner of the room in front of the bed i have the most precious computer-its where i play any on9 or off9 game-and i can say that it is the most place im spending sitting and playing whenever I come to my room-to the left of the computer there is a window-which i can have a view of roadway-its not a beautiful sight as u are just seeing the road-but its enough to make me relax and having a fresh air-I also have television where i play Ps2 and also a study table.

6)how about pet? do u have any?

Pet-well i can say animals that we are happy to live with-when talking about pet, i guess its a common for malaysians to have either dog or cat as their pet-honestly speaking-i dont have any of these two animals at my house, why? they are fur-ry, and noisy-but we do have an aquarium-its arowana what we kept in aquarium- it was back then during 20010 if im not mistaken where my family and I went to pet shop and bought this tiny little gold arowana- a size of a finger at that time at a cost of 150 something-and today that arowana have been as big as my arm- i'm glad to see it living happy and becoming fatter and fater each days. so what do we feed it- about 10 kilometer away from my house there is a pet shop, that is where we get its food-u know what? we feed this arowana with a living cricket- dont worry cricket wont bite we bought about 30 of them and keep it in another small aquarium-we put along some newspaper in it-so, for each day-we feed arowana with 3 of them- whenever its come to feed time-i love to watch how the arowana slowly moving behind that cricket-and suddenly make a jump and eat the cricket- u know, it's like dragon catching its prey.

7)tell me about your self?

Hello and good morning-my name is wan mohd.....-im 20 years old- I am a happy go lucky person- the eldest of four siblings- living at Pekan Pahang-my dad works as- wheras my mom work as teacher(ustazah) -I have sat for my SPM at the malay college kuala kangsar- I got a good spm result and continue my study at IB Mara College Banting studying medicine - and i'm about to continue my study abroad- I dream to contribute towards the society by becoming a good doctor in the future-for me a doctor is a key of anything-as i am having this idea which says that how come a prime minister wanna be a good leadr if he's not in good health, teachers wanna teach future generation if they are also not in good health and so do the others-i want to make sure eveyone is happy and trying as much as possible to put a smile on their face- as saying goes a great happiness is not when u're happy but its when u make others feeling happy-im quite a sportman-im not just become a nerd studying the books but im also playing futsal almost evey evening- in my opinion playing is a must for a student to ensure he/she will be healthy in order to give the best in study.

8)tell me about your hobby? you must have one won't ya?

Hobby- well hobby generally is what a person most likely to do during their free time-yes I do have hobby-I love to play futsal-you know, as a student sport is very important for m to ensure a good and healthy lifestyle so that i can perform well in the class-so, almost every evening i went to the court along with my friends and playing futsal. Futsal is just like football, it just that it's playing in a smaller number of people and the size of the court are not tas big as a football field-for me futsal is wonderful-im in love with futsal because of the art in it-u know what-in futsal we have this kind of style which we call as the art of dribbling-as u can see in football there is not much dribbling but passing-very opposite to the futsal where we drible-the many people we can get through by dribbling indicate our technique-if we can dribble beautifully passing through 3 to 4 guys i can say he/she is a good futsal player- you know, i have never regret of becoming a futsal player as im believe it's worth - i still remember a quoation from this doctor- when we are at the moment of exhilaration,our mind tend to wire up, in other word we are getting smarter-see, by playing we can be smarter as well.

9)which artist you thing the most famous and had influeced a lot?

Artist from my point of view is an individual that become the idol of people. In Malaysia we do have many artists,and the one that i favour the most is aeron aziz-he's a great actor-acting in kl gangster-siti saleha and many more-I even went to a teather FOR 'badai Semalam'-yesterday storm-where he acted as Karim-its very awesome to watch him acting right infront of my eyes-so how did he as an artist can influence people-as saying goes-the clossest example is yourself- so, when i look back of what and how i have been influenced by this man-im influenced with his ideal shape-my friends and I went to the mall heading to fitness shop and buy the dumbell-its for the first time in my life ever thinking of buying that kind of stuff-and if u see how he dress up-u will noticed that he well mostly body fit shirt-and once again its influence me to do thae same- PDF is a good place where i can have these kind of body fit shirts

10)what do u think about fashioned?

In my opinion fashion is what people call a trend- I guess it is a trend coming from artist- fashion is somehow related to the artists-they used artist as their new released product model-people tend to follow of what their favaurite artist or idol are wearing- as a teenager like me, even me myself also follow this kind of trend to follow the trending. The last time i went to mall i bought a new released swatch watch- i dont actually know know the main reason im buying it, it just being me to buy a new good stuff, especially a new released one- being a person following this kind of trending also have its benefits. I believe whenever we are wearing something good and new offcourse we will have a good self esteem-high aplomb toward themself- and maybe they can gain respect maybe from their friends or maybe their workers at the office.

11)what kind of food do you like?

Food-its what we human need in order to servive- so, where we can have these foods in order to survive-actually,we are lucky to be in Malaysia which is well known as a paradise of food-everything is here-u dont need to go to india to taste indian foods or indian cuisine and as well china if u want to taste chinese foods because all of them are here in Malaysia- to be honest I love all kind of foods, whenever it comes to food i will cheerfully eat them up- but among of them i love fried rice the most-a malay cuisine- fride rice can come from various kinds sch as chilies fried rice, chicken friend rice and many more- in fact fried rice is an easy one to be cooked-so its not a problem if im at the overseas as i can easily cook them up-I learnt the way to cook fried rice from my mother-and i love it so much

12)do you read book? what kind of book u like?

There are many kind of books that I read, I dont like article and litrature much but i do love stories. I have some novels in my collection-most of them are fiction like Harry Potter- in fact I also read old stories like cathcer in the rye. The most recent book that i read is to kill a mocking bird-which is a story of a nigger suspected in raping a white, actually its a good story-which telling us not to be a racist-and how the world is being seen in the eyes of kids-so we must shows a good example to them- by reading books i believe it help much in vocablary and as well develop imagination capabalities.

13)when is it the last time u visit to the zoo?

Last time i visitted to the zoo was just a few months back-zoo is a place where we can see a lot of animals which are originated from all over the world-In Malaysia we have 2 famous zoo-the first one is at Kuala Lumpur and the second one is at Melaka- In my opinion the Zoo of Melaka somehow larger than the one at Kuala Lumpur-the last visit that I go is the zoo of Melaka-so, in the zoo,there are elephants, giraffe, hypothalamus and many more-so i guess the most happinest moment inside that zoo is when im be given a chance to play with a snake-its a big fat yellow snake-im not sure what its name-but im preety greatful as it's my first time holding that reptile-and actually i even took a picture with that snake as a memoir-we do not left the opputunity for joining the night safari-its a trip where we loadded into a jeap and we rove around the zoo at late night seeing what are these animals are doing by night.

14)do u like music?

Yes I do like music-i believe, when it comes to music eveyone will love it especially teenagers-as for myself I love music so much as music always accomponied me whenever i'm studying- infact if im studying without music-it will be easy for me to fall asleep-when i was in form 4-i love my chemical romance band as well as their songs-the black parade, teenagers-they are such a great songs-but nowadays im kinda change from mcr to another band which is paramore-misery bussiness and what not- i also love adele songs-adorable voice-given voice-skyfall-life will be lacking without music-infact music indicate the mood and musi are such powerfull stimulant-why?-coz music can alter emotion as well-where it can cheer up for those who are sad-and some motivational song like ketty perry song fireworks really boost someone spirit whenever an individual is having a depression

15)how about drawing? do u love to draw?

yes i love to draw-my drawing are not bad and not too good as well-back then when i was a little kid- i used to draw many of things-especially the character-such as goku and as well other manga charachter- drawing is easy actually- my way is that i will copy the drawing of the character many time first-memorise the way to sketch and finally try to draw it without looking at any reference- i still remember back then-where i used to have my own comic- maybe three of them if im not mistaken-i still having them at home-whenever i fell bored i will get and read them up-its funny when u read ur drawing when u was a kid-believe me-on the other hand-now im getting older-my art skills are more toward the drawing of human internal organ and what not- why?-studying medicine which is necessary for me to remember the way to draw organs-whenever i feel bored sometimes-im still drawing the manga characters- i love drawing very much

16)what do you think of origami

I love origami so much-i spent most of my childhood doing origami-fyi, i have never been to kindergarten- i went too-but just for a few days-but somehow i hate school-and dont want to go to kindergarten-so im staying home-my mom is so good in doing origami- so she teached me a lot-on how to make an origami-its from a simple of a jet to as complicated as a dragon-origami is the art of folding paper- when im bored-i will look for some rough or used paper and start folding it-among of all origami-the one that i love the most is the bird-its easy- i love it in the sense that it look calm and cute- fyi-last month i went to langkawi having a volunteer program there-helping the kids-i tought them how to make an origami-and they love it-kids love origami-and origami can make kids stay still-so u dont have to worry of them jump of the window and what not

17)gadget. do u have any?

Yup i do, living in this modernise era really made those gadget a necessary-i do have smart phone where i can easily online-ask for direction-act as reminder for important thinggies to do-very helpful- in my car i do have gps-malaysia is not big- but it city is large-and the roads are puzzling-i need gps in order to help me in finding the way - as a music lover I do have i pod-where im always listening to musics when i fell i need too-whenever i feel bored-whenever i feel sleepy whenever it comes to study-what i ust need to do-is just put that cute earphone over my ears-gadget is very helpful-without it i guess we lost soething precious in this world-without it the time that is golden may not be fully utilized-why must u buy a newspaper when u can easily read it by using ur gadget-it will take time for u to buy newspaper-to flip the pages-messy-with gadget our life become easier.

18)have u ever met important personal?wht do u feel?

Yes i do-he was our prime minister-dato seri najib-actually it was during my aunty wedding ceremony which took place at pekan- fyi im living at pekan-dato seri najib also originated from pekan- im not quite sure the relationship between my grandfather with him-but my grandfather invited him to come to my aunty wedding and he did come-it was a grand event-where my grandfather house were fully decorated-there is a yellow carpet along the way from outside the house into the house-dato seri najib at that time was not yet a prime minister of Malaysia-if im not mistaken he was minister of justice at that period of time-im about at the age of 15 years old that time-so im not just saw him from far-i followed my father when he went to see dato seri-and have a conversation with him-so i did have a handshake with him thaht time-its a great opputunity- now he's the prime minister of Malahysia-i can proudly say-that guy one have come to my house.


prepared by najmi nawawi


• You should write at least 150 words.(to 200) dont make it too long

• You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

• 4 pharagraphs

• simple present tense

• find out..what is the data similarities? European countries? public transport? (canada,mexico, us {north america}/uk,sweeden ,italy {europe})

• any data that is double or tripple of another?


-This diagram provides an overview (piture of processing)

-fifteen days period of time

-Over the past 30 years

-Figure 1 gives the number of

persons who died; Figure 2 shows the percentage breakdown of females who received a new flu vaccine; and Figure

3 gives the number of cases of flu before and during the epidemic.(more than 1 figure)

-The table shows that the figures for imprisonment in the five countries mentioned indicate no overall pattern of

increase or decrease. In fact there is considerable fluctuation from country to country.(if there is no overall pattern)


-This percentage gradually declines by 10-20%

-(example)Only 40% of 40-49yr olds and 18% of over 49yr olds studing for career reasons

-Conversely, the first graph (on the other hand)

-increases dramatically in late adulthood

-It drops rapidly to 32%

-decade(indicate 10 years)

-Throughout the century(100 years)

-was minimal until mid-century (50years)

-grew steadily/rose more slowly

-the table illustrates(shows)-by contrasting(comparing)

-sedentary(not physically active)

-per annum(years)

-alternatively(other solution:maybe cheaper one)

-The overall trend shows fluctuation with slight Increased towards the end of the period.

-40,000/120,000 (the comas)

-30 times less-Interestingly (small size but high yield)

-12 kms to the north-west

-dinner sales during the week peaked on Friday

and then dipper down as the weekend set in.

-'think about averange'

-climbing rapidly to a peak(graph)

-Overall, one notable trend seems to be

-Since then(change in trend,in the same line graph)

-394 kilometres


-It is unclear whether employer support is only for career-focused study, but the highest level is for those students who mainly study for career purposes.

-With a population of 176 million, the figures for Brazil indicate how high agriculture water consumption can be in some countries.

-The prison population in the United States increased rapidly from 1970 to 1980 and this must be a worrying trend.


-accommodation (stay/home) -district (area/region/place)-incorporate (including)-pleasant(comfort)-essential(important)-approximately-enthusiasm(interest/passion)-accommodate(fit/suited)-funds being spent-prior(earlier) : Gaining work experience prior to -insist(ask/promote)/ turn it in (submit)-weekend-epidemic vs pandemic(world)graduation helps-20 milion(true)/ 20 millions (false)-households-'single-parent mothers'/the disabled-peer group( friends)-recreational activities (playing)

Dont do

-sentences are long and confusing

-don't repeat word that has been used

Part 2


-To a large extent, I believe that..

I hope this can be useful. Ignore all those mistakes I have done, since it is just a notes. All the best folks!