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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PDK Putrajaya

Back then, I posted something related to rumah orang tua Kajang, and now I gonna post something about PDK Putrajaya. For this semester, we were chosen to do charity here. PDK is a place where these special kids are gathered to be taught and improved their skills by trainers. Oh yea, PDK literally mean is ‘Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti’. My classmates and I were lucky enough to be with them for this whole semester. This kind of charity has to be done by us under CAS project which is needed as a requirement before we fly overseas. Actually, out of four visits, today was our last visit to that PDK, and we brought all of them to Taman Botani Putrajaya and had some sort of picnic there. So I just wanna shares of what have I gain and learnt throughout the four visits here.

Oh yea, at that Taman Botani, one of the parents came and talked with me. Her very first question is that ‘adik geli x tngok budak2 ni?’ By the question itself, we indirectly can know how she is sad, depressed, by the view of society towards her son. Yes even me myself, I used to have a nasty and dingy perception towards them but, somehow after being close with them, play with them and even eat with them, that nasty kind of feels gone. Believe me, if u try to get closer with them, u will start to love them and actually jealous with them. Yes, I do jealous. Why? Because, they will be definitely enter the grand heaven once they die. How about us? Everything that we did through the lifetime will be judge by Allah the almighty first. That really touches me.

Btw, at that PDK I like this one little boy’s Hafiz. There is one day, where he asked for my phone, and I gave it to him. nahh... this kid won’t be able to unlock my phone. Stupendously, he did unlock it and even play the playlist. Holly mackerel. How could this kid… I was quite stupefied at that particular time. So, what I wanna emphasize here is that, these special kids have their own speciality, some of them can read the holy Quran, some can play guitar (one of the parents told me) and some can even sing. They are not slobs but special. It is us, whom isolated them. Help them to grow their talents as they can also be with society. will be a good doctor..aminn