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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a leader

Assalamualaikum. Hi everyone. The time now shows 7.20 p.m., and I am sitting on the chair with my laptop on. I just back from Banting Futsal Court ,to have some sort of training there, and now I am thinking to update my blog. Hell yeah, I did left my blog in updated through the month of March. Busy life killing me :P All right, for this time I gonna write an absurd article entitled leadership. Yeah, the title sounds quite solemnly and maybe a prosaic one, who cares :P I just wanna share my point of view on it. Oh yea, u must did wonder what trigger me to come out with this title huh. It’s because I just back from the exhausted and lacklustre weekend at PLKN Jugra camp side to have some sort of camping there, under JPAM. At any camp, off course there will be many commanders rove around with swank, appal and serious look right? Which their jobs are to keep yelling and commanding us to be silent, to get in line or anything. Nahh... I am not gonna bore u with my schedule over there. So, let get straight to my opinions on leadership.

Ok, first, let me ask u a simple question. Do u like your leader? Erm.. Let made it easy, leader here can be said as your class representative, ur boss at the office, ur uniform body commander, the club president and even your brothers and sisters. Why did I ask you such question? It’s because, I have two views or my ideas on how people take a lead. First, is a leader whom has total control towards his followers. Everything he did ask you to do will be done perfectly as what he wanted it to be. When facing him, you can’t even smile. You also will carefully arrange your words before saying it out or else you will be scold if you said anything which might be wrong. You will become a completely a schema person. In other words, he did scare you. That is why you become as all stated above.

On the other hand, there is another type of leader, which is a leader whom has sort of control towards his followers. Everything he asked you to do will be done but maybe not in time as he might not as scary as a leader stated before. You can smile and have a friendly conversation with him. He will work with you, not just giving an order. If u did anything wrong, he will just show some disappointed look, and ask you to do it better later on. There is nothing to be worried if u have any problems with the club, or organization as you can easily convey ur problems towards ur leader. Contradict from the first type of leader I told you before which was useless if you have a courtesy with him, as he will simply point everything on you. Did you think that, if the leader is not being scared by the followers, everything will not works, and indeed respect can’t be seen? Believe me, you will gain the respect slowly and slowly as time goes on. It’s because respect will come after love. Once his followers love him, and then come respect.

Get it? So now choose, which kind of leader u wanna be? A leader that gain respect but not been loved by followers or a leader which gain respect and at the same time, he gain redundant loves by his followers.

I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people. Mahatma Gandhi