Mungkin dunia blogger tidak lagi semeriah dulu. Tapi aku tetap setia menulis disini. Dari 2009 hingga kini.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hello all.. Oh my! My blog was not updated since August, September, October, and November. 4 months edy. Maaf. Saya busy sangat. The life as collegian here at KMB (Kolej Maha Busy) really made me busy with its daily chores. See, I don’t have time to update my blog. But, nvm now i'm back after silencing for quit long time.

Yes there a lot of things to be shared, one of them was my visit to the “Rumah Orang Tua Kajang” under Cas project which was just ended last week. This project is where my classmates and I went for a visit to ‘Rumah Orang Tua Kajang’ and doing some charity there for every Tuesday in every week. We held a farewell party last Tuesday with the oldies there as it was our last visit to that place, actually it was 4 visits all together. To be proud of, we managed to raise 1K from funds raising project such as, selling ‘kek batik’, car wash, jogathon all around Putrajaya (we collected almost rm600 here) and also donations from some individuals. This small amount of money we gave it to the manager of that ‘Rumah Orang Tua’ as the symbol of appreciation for what we have gain all the days through for every single visit.

Yes! The oldies have taught us a lot of things. The way of life, to appreciate our life, to never give up, to remember to whom do we belong and etc. My friends, these oldies having a frustrated life, they’re lonely, bewildered, and sad coz their family abandon them and sent them there. Where are their kids? Those they raised them up during child ages now have make them forgotten. What make me feels sadder is because all of the oldies there are Malays and they are not good in health. Sigh. So, our main target to be there is to give as much support and some sort of comfort to them, hear their cries and try to shade their sadness by being close to them. ‘Anak pakcik haritu ade datang, tapi nak mintak tandatangan wali je sebab die nak kawin, pastu terus balik’. I quote this from one of the oldies that shared his sadness with me. He also told me, that now he just waiting for the time to come (death), as there are nothing to do in this world anymore. See, how frustrated they’re.

So, what my friends and I did were just tried to put some hope in their heart and be someone who cares about them, just to let them know, they’re still people cares about them. My friends , we must love our parents, no matter how bad they are, how ugly they are, but remember they’re still your parent. If u make an ignorance on your parent now, then the time will come when your sons do the same in the day future, as saying goes, ‘what goes around, comes around’.

As you sow, so shall you reap....