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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kolej Mara Banting


Its already a week I'm here at Kolej Mara Banting. To be honest, I'm bored. Haha, I don't know what cause that, maybe it's due to homesick. Yeah, back then at home, when I'm bored, I will enjoy myself by playing games such as dota and fifa. On the other hand, here at KMB, even though I can play if I want too, but the mood doesn't come. Cut the crap, so the subjects that I'm taking here are Math HL,Chem HL,Bio HL,Bi b HL,BM, and Economics. A part from that, as an IB student, it's necessary  for me to do TOK, CAS and EE. Cas is an activity where my friends and I are needed to do some charity, and we got Rumah Orang Tua as our spot. Sounds interesting right?  InsyaAllah in next two weeks come, we will head to the place and doing charity there. My group members consist of 12 students including me and we actually don't plan yet the activities to do with those old people. Any suggestion? Hee..

Let's move on to the hostel. I am staying at block C, room C229. Each room consist of 2 students and I get a roommate from Kelantan's Aiman. Actually the rooms are quiet small and the furnitures are quite old..hoho. The furniture consists of two beds, two lockers and two study tables. Comfortable? Ok la. So, everyday our class start at 8 a.m. and the distance between my class and hostel are quite near, maybe it takes about 3-4 minutes of walking. My classroom consists of 10 guys and 12 girls. We have two air conditioners in our class, and the classroom is quite large.

So, what is the best part I've found in KMB? It's the atmosphere. Why? Cause here, everyone practicing Islam in such a good manner, and I can see that their spiritual are awesome. Everyone is so nice, even the seniors are so polite. I solute them, and want to be a part of this wonderful community. In other words, “I want to be a better muslim”.Later I will edit this post with pictures so that you can have a better view on KMB. K, gtg. Assalamualaikum~


eyjalukman said...

heyy ,it sounds cool .
well , same goes here in Puncak Alam because I bored with all the stairs that I've to face everyday . haha

suggestion for the charity maybe u can play games or give them a gift . do something that can touch their heart ;)

najmi^^ said...

eyja: bored with stairs~LOL.. thnx for the suggestions..something that can touch their sweet.okies, i try my best ;)

SITOT said...

perghhhh IB student... wishing u all the best there...btw, few of my frens from sbpit there..ade kenal? hehe..

ema ♥ fie-ra said...

ooohh..homesickenia ehh..haha,,,dont worry..all of us r having the same feeling.. =] it's a normal thing.cepat2 lahh upload gmbr kmb..tringin jugakk nak tgk cmne rupa dy.oke3.

amna said...

biasa la tu mula2 boring. nnti dh kenal kawan2, jumpa hobi baru insyaAllah selesa ^^

najmi^^ said...

sitot:thnx.. stands for? sooner or later kenal la kot ;)

ema:nak sngt upload..pi mase tu la.. hoho... mlm ni insyaAllah..

amna:hee. betul betul betul.. skrng pon dah mule x bosan dah~

Bidadari Syurga said...

amboi... entry stail serius... walaupun masih study... hurmmmm... nanti lelama ok. nak make comfort tu makan masa cikit aja...

najmi^^ said...

bidadari: hee. insyaAllah..lame2 ok^^

amna said...

apa pun semoga dapat point yg diimpikan :)

najmi^^ said...


qistina boleh? said...

oh. kmb. i think i hv some school friends there. btw, good luck with IB. (^^)b