Assalamualaikum Ya Akhi, Ya Ukhti.

Semua yang tertulis di dalam blog ini datang dari benak pemikiran si penulis yang melihat dunia dengan caranya tersendiri. Bukan menulis untuk memarahi apatah lagi memerli atau memaki. Namun semuanya untuk sama-sama kita renungi dan bermuhasabah diri.

ah skemanya.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a mechanical pen

A mechanical pen. What is it significance? It just a pen, but it made me to remind someone. Who? He is my desk mate’s Naim. A friend that sometimes can put a smile on my face and also can turn my mood to bad. Why bad? Because in class, especially Islamic studies he will come out with his own weird game. The game was like this, he punched me(usually at shoulder), I punched him back, then he punched back, then I punched back(harder).`Kuat kot, ko tumbuk gune ni’ said Naim ,then he counter, and it will continue till ustaz Hasnan said `wannn..’(soft tune), then we stop. Lol. We used to be disputatious, but it never turns down our fellowship. However, he has one good habit, that he loves to learn new word and then he jotted it down in a book. Yeah, no doubt his vocabulary is much superior than me.

In class(especially Islamic studies), he will always be the first one that turn drowsy and then fall asleep, and thus, it somewhat like a virus spread to whole class, and made most of us fall asleep. `Kamu ni nak tido ke nak dengar saye mengajar (soft tune)’said ustaz Hasnan, and then everyone will raise their head with their last strain looked forward with prostrate look. Lol. Oh ya, he has another habit. It was his love to operate something like a liquid paper (transfer it liquid), badge (tire of their coated cover), and etc.

Ukhwah fillah! Distinctly, it is a bond.

May our camaraderie last forever..