Mungkin dunia blogger tidak lagi semeriah dulu. Tapi aku tetap setia menulis disini. Dari 2009 hingga kini.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

the chronicle

There is an idea, an idea about chronicle of life. The life that everyone used to take their own path, dealing with their own heart and make their own justification about what goes wrong and what goes right. Our mind state almost everything, neither we are pusillanimous or ghoul and etc. From there, also can born debonair determination and maybe fatuous grumble about life. As saying goes, you are what you think you are. Not pretend to be gnomic, but it does real. Once in a while, it may turn miserable, but you can still found the glimpse of light in it. That is the power of mind.

Among us, there will be people who tire of with their life and on the other hand, can also be people who have stupendous life. Lost hope, sadness, and tears are rhymes of life. Distinctly, the life is just capricious, and we must get ready to face it. With fellowship, the life will be much superior. Those we used to call boon companion are those we can share our problem and also our happiness with. Friends can be the pious, queerer and a nerd one. But who are we to judge ones. Even if, ones did something we do hate most, please be gentleman and have a slow talk with him. There must be reasons why he acting so and thus we must find it out, and help him out. As saying goes, courtesy solves almost everything.

As human, we must learn to take our hat off to someone and not be a cavalier ones. In other words, respect others. I am not saying that we must be too optimistic, but we must try to see the world through colored glasses.

The world will only be debilitate and lacklustre…….

unless we know to appreciate our friends.