Mungkin dunia blogger tidak lagi semeriah dulu. Tapi aku tetap setia menulis disini. Dari 2009 hingga kini.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

an absurd words

This picture was taken at Kuantan and it's 'Masjid Besar Kuantan'. I used Fujifilm digital camera to take this picture not a snap from any lomo camera.haha. I took this picture last evening when my family and I made a stop here to perform maghrib prayer. I chose this picture to put along this post to calm me down from swinish bored. I hope, it will help.

Day by day pass with it numb and lacklustre looked. The days somewhat so bored, as I did the same chore everyday. Give me some excitement please. Yeah, I know that everyone love free time, but if it come without stop,everyone will start to hate it. Too much of time doing nothing. Maybe, someone can cope with it,but for me I'm not fine with it. Honestly, this silent bored is killing! It was too dull. I hope that, these prosaic days will come to end when March appear ,as the SPM results will come out that month. At least I will be a little busy to continue my study.

Hey, now I know that PLKN will solve this problems. Back then, during school days, my friends and I always teased those which listed for this camp. We thought that we were lucky, but infact we were the one that misfortune. Haha. As my friend's Raja said "juon, panggilan ke-3 ade lagi, sekali ngan bdk2 left". LoL, let bygones be bygones. To juniors, you should start praying to ensure your name will be listed.Haha.