Assalamualaikum Ya Akhi, Ya Ukhti.

Semua yang tertulis di dalam blog ini datang dari benak pemikiran si penulis yang melihat dunia dengan caranya tersendiri. Bukan menulis untuk memarahi apatah lagi memerli atau memaki. Namun semuanya untuk sama-sama kita renungi dan bermuhasabah diri.

ah skemanya.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

in glimpse of memoirs

SK Ahmad was my primary school. The school where I learnt to know alphabets and numbers, and even learned how to write and read. The lives as frenetic glee primary students are really missed by all of us. Even though, we looked like a dingy and ragamuffin small kids, but we really enjoyed it right? The girls busied with their tittle-tattle whereas the boys made the class become so clamorous by running and chasing each other. Maybe sometimes we fought each other because of such rigmarole and fiddling things, but it all just made our relation become more rapport. These all and sundry joys somewhat made me miss them so much.

There was a 'Majlis Menjamu Selera'. Actually it was 5 Aman final gathering before the year end. I fell so exultant to be one of classmate’s members. However, our classmate's members have decreased by one. Al-Fatihah to Azif. Though, you are not here anymore, memories of you still linger in our heads. I really miss to play chess with you. We love you. Bro.